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Can anyone lend a hand?

For a project as part of my internship, I’m compiling a book of theatre games to play with kids ages 8-16. If anyone has any that they like using or playing, let me know! 

(If you happen to know what the game’s purpose is- ie helps with creating focus, memorizing, coordination, etc- that would be helpful too, since that’s what I’m sorting them by!)

Feb 25th, 2013
  1. musthea answered: I personally love job interview, where you send one kid out of the room and everyone decides what they are. Then they have to figure out
  2. camiindiechild answered: bunny bunny is a great game for kids to warm up to. The game helps for children to focus, be aware of their bodies, and to listen to their p
  3. hasa-diga-eebowai answered: hitchhiker:1-3 people driving and pick up a hitchiker with a distinct trait,everyone assumes that trait, driver leaves, new hitchiker comes i
  4. im-gonna-build-a-deck answered: Ha! The game where you slice people to your sides when they are chosen? Anyway, it helps with ensemble building, focus, and energy!
  5. muchadoaboutmusicals answered: Is there a way for me to send you a whole lot all at once? E-mail or something, I guess? Because I have a lot. I teach youth theatre.
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    What about Zip-Zap-Zop? You stand in a circle and a person says zip while pointing at a person, that person then says...
  7. onechoicewilldefineyou answered: I know an exercise used to help focus kids and bring their energy up! It’s great for students to warm up with for after school practice
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    I would look into this book. Creative Drama in the Classroom by Nellie McCaslin you can find some copies on amazon for...
  9. mytimemachinewaits answered: This is a game of trust. Called Prui basically everyone is blind with the exception of one person, the sighted person must stay still.
  10. rapunkz3l answered: At my theatre, we play “Bus Stop.” Two people sit next to each other on stage, and one tries to make the other laugh. No props and no touch.
  11. 0nehundred-years answered: The party game is a good one. A few people are given random traits, such as afraid of the floor, or always sings when speaking and the party
  12. simplythebess answered: Look at Augusto Boal’s book “Games for Actors and Non-Actors” it is literally a list of those kinds of games for people of all ages :)
  13. beeashleigh answered: "The Machine": Starts w/ one student at the front making a machine like movement & everyone joins in. Helps w/ improv and reactions to others
  14. thepulsetheater answered: 10 through the door (or 3 for younger players)
  15. freaksalad answered: Sound circle, where one person starts with a sound and other people add in. Dependance, unity.
  16. mylife-in-widescreen answered: the announcer’s test. it helps with enunciation
  17. eowyn-daughterofkings answered: oh man, Ships and Sailors! It’s about coordination, listening and concentration.
  18. jakeenglishsmissingpants answered: Garden of Statues, helps keep a straight face when things go wrong on stage. Or if a line is really funny.
  19. hayleeelynn answered: Baby I love you is a fun one,… helps for not breaking character
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    Park Bench. Two people sit next to each other. One has to be the “annoyer”. They try to do the silliest and/or most...
  21. smaugthemagicdragon answered: freeze: 2 start an improv. at any point another person calls freeze and replaces 1 of the first 2 and start a new one from those positions.
  22. sherl-awkward answered: taxi drive. three guests come in and do impresisons of celebrity/character/idea/thing/animal and taxi drive has to guess who they are. improv
  23. franklyblunt answered: zip zap zop/wah and other variations on that game are fun!
  24. rlyblonde answered: bang is really fun it’s about being aware of people around you and being in the moment and all that jazz if you dont know it just ask me
  25. theysayoftheacropolis answered: Honey I love you!
  26. alittlefall answered: Zip Zap Zop. It’s for focusing, and it’s pretty fun :)
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